The Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University (SLCU) is a highly collaborative and interdisciplinary new research institute. Focusing on the regulatory systems underlying plant growth and development, the Lab uses cutting edge scientific resources and predictive computational models to further understand of the dynamic, self-organising properties of plants.  Plants are the foundation for virtually every ecosystem and agricultural system on Earth. A fundamental understanding how plants grow and develop is therefore paramount for the long term security of a sustainable supply of food and other plant products, such as fuel, fibres and building materials.

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In April 2011 visitors to The Garden Café had a rare treat. Her Majesty The Queen came to open the newly finished Sainsbury Laboratory.

With her car parked just up the path from the Café and accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh, The Queen walked along the Café terrace to be greeted by the Mayor of Cambridge. They then proceeded to the Laboratory courtyard for the opening ceremony.

Although The Queen didn’t technically frequent the Café, you can’t get much better than that!